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Established in 2010, Platinum Getaways is an essential online traveling planning destination for individual, organization or families planning a perfect travel vacation/excursion. We are a home based travel agency, located in Houston, TX, and expanding quickly. Our goal is simple, we want to help you no matter the distance, whether you are traveling across the globe or venturing close to home, we will help you plan and organize incredible vacations to meet your exact requirement,

We make great efforts to live up to your shrewd approach to traveling by providing our clients with the most reliable and candid information. Travelling is our hobby and to plan your vacations and excursion for you will give us great pleasure. We also take our time to know our clients so that we can offer you a getaway that meets your traveling needs.

We value our customers this is why your satisfaction is our first priority because your referrals and feedback are what really matters to us. Please take this opportunity to provide your feedback. We trust that you were pleased and would like to comment on your awesome experience.

For any inquiry, our customer’s service is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call us on 281-995-2377 or send us an email on info@platinumgetaways.net

Owner/Travel Professional

Karen Reeder


Whenever a potential client asks why they should use a travel agent, I let them know the 3 reasons why they should use a travel agent vs booking online. The first advantage of using a professional vacation planner is to save time. Everyone is busy these days, why not use your time wisely by hiring an agent to research vacation deals and book your trip for you. Time is a commodity you’ll never get back, it just makes sense to use your time wisely whenever you can.

The second advantage of using a professional vacation planner vs online booking is that travel agents are experts and trained professionals. Traveling is our job and a good travel agent will have knowledge that a layman will not have. Plus it’s a good chance that an agent will have first-hand knowledge of the destination you are wanting to go to. Use a travel agent for their travel knowledge and resources, it’s worth it.

Owner/Travel Professional
Karen Reeder