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25 Aug

Hands Of Stone 2016 KAT AVI Full Torrent Download

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This film Roberto Duran, Panama fighter legendary debut as a professional when he was 16 years old, and coach legendary equally Ray ARCELA change with each other to continue living their lives. June 1980, he Sugar Ray Leonard to capture the title welterweight WBC, but in every corner of the world to return to competition November their famous surprisingly said no mas (No more).

Age 72, the legendary coach Ray ARCELA (Robert De Niro), a global coaching Panamanian boxer Roberto Durnan (Edgar Ramirez) out of retirement. ARCELA fighter ferocious who became a mentor, to him that the strategy eventually win. After scoring a KO after KO, Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, undefeated lightweight champion preparing for a fight. Five months later, on 25 November 1980, two of the Titanic as competition in the history of the famous boxing. Lights Out 2016 DVDRip AVI free movie torrent

The legendary Roberto Duran, and legendary coach Ray ARCELA equally change the lives of everyone. Roberto Duran, debut professional his in 1968 at the age of 16 years and retired in 2002 at age 50 in June 1980, following the death, the title welterweight WBC him overcome the Sugar Ray Leonard out, but shocked the boxing world by returning to competition corner November her, ‘no mas’ (no more) to say.


Hands Of Stone 2016

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