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7 Jun

Summer road-trip cost

The cost of traveling during the summer increases as well, this is down to some common circumstances. The most primary cause of summer travel expense is down to the increment in fuel price during the summer. A lot of reasons are tied to the increment of fuel during this time of the year while some are fairly logical. Fuel price increment could be caused by the maintenance activities of energy companies, this activity is usually carried out during the spring months and in the process, they shut down refineries until May. Due to this disruptions oil supplies can be stretched.

Also, during this period, a lot more people travels especially on road trips or family vacations, Furthermore, natural disasters like hurricanes can contribute to the disruption by causing damage to energy companies’ infrastructures, their refineries or disruption of the fuel transport routes. Other factors that can cause price hike during the summer includes revved-up car rental, hotel hike, and sky-high airline fares.

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