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7 Jun

Travel Safety Tips

The small travelers, your children will likely be with you on your sojourn. Make sure that their safety is well tended to prior to leaving. Bear in mind that no child is safe if he or she is under twelve months old, or less than twenty pounds unless they are well strapped into a rear-facing infant seat.

Likewise, your child who is over a year old may be placed in a car seat that faces forward, and will grow with them up to the forty pound limit, however, they will need that summer travel safety assurance until that time.

When you travel with your children, don’t forget to bring along a first aid kit, even if it’s only the bare basics.
Select Tylenol, Band-Aids, Neosporin and after bite sting or bite relief to take with you on your travels.To assure that you have all the basic essentials you can create your own summer travel safety kit. The kit should not only things like antibiotic ointment, after bite, betadine, Benadryl for children but some other things as well.

The kit or your wallet should include your children’s medical history, any information that they may need pertaining to medication and any allergies they may have. Keep their basic medical information handy for your use if the time should come when you need it.

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